Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 5 Review

Warning: Review contains spoilers!

Hi guys! Trying a little something different for today’s review. I think this was the best episode thus far, and I’m pleased to see that this anime is improving every step of the way.


As usual, we can divide this episode into two parts. In the first half, we find out that Sister Nana and Winterprison are trying to petition the admins to stop the madness of killing the magical girls when they lose each week. They’re not paying attention. Big spoiler: The two girls are in a couple in real life, and Sister Nana enlisted Magicaloid’s help so Winterprison could protect her, and she could protect Winterprison on an equal footing.



In the second half, we find out that Fav’s using Cranberry as a hitman to eliminate any magical girls who are causing problems, i.e. Sister Nana and later La Pucelle. We also meet Hardgore Alice, the very polite Goth girl who’s searching for snow white.


Admins?! I would’ve never thought that this game had admins, though it makes sense in retrospect. I’d always assumed that Fav was, well, the equivalent of a moderator and that he was working under some alien conspiracy or something. It doesn’t do anything to alleviate the situation, and showcases Sister Nana’s naivety. Nevertheless, this was a thoughtful, realistic detail that reminds viewers that, after all of this, it’s a smartphone game gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Reactions of other magical girls. Sister Nana just wants it all to stop, considering that 1) she believes magical girls should protect people, and 2) they’re really hardcore about a casual game. If we’re just talking about #2, her actions are reasonable. Granted, this casual game already got intense when it let people actually transform into magical girls, so it’s perfectly understandable that the game is no longer just a time-waster and dream-maker. This leads the other girls to accept it and move on, casting her off as well-intentioned but stupid. It also makes me wonder just why these other girls would become magical girls, if they initially all were meant to help people on the streets.

Background information. In my opinion, the episodes so far have worked best when we see the girls as they are in real life. Bonus if it’s related to why they became a magical girl. We got to see a lot of that this episode with Sister Nana and Winterprison. Perhaps it’s because it lets us see how their everyday personalities translate to magical powers, and also gives a bit more depth to them.



Dat robot. I love Magicaloid and her conniving ways. She takes advantage of Sister Nana’s kindness and steals her money away by giving her useless items from the future via her magical ability. The best part is that her plan backfired on her, and she actually ends up helping Sister Nana. Nice touch of comedy during this episode, and also helps to humanize the magical bot while giving it a snarky personality. Also, is she really a robot from the future? Instinct tells me probably not, but she’s really contrasting everyone else who lives in the present. For some reason, I can’t really fathom time travel as a central component of this series. If that were the case, perhaps this entire thing could have been avoided.

Swim Swim. Swim Swim made a brief appearance this episode, and I’m a little disheartened to see that she did not cast away the shadow of Ruler. Though she’s become Ruler’s substitute, she’s also become a substitute of Ruler herself. (Did that make sense?) I hope that she forges her own identity as the series progresses. At the moment, it looks like the Peaky Angels are actually the ones leading the pack.

Cranberry. Though Cranberry may have my favorite character design of this series, her sudden role as a magical girl killer was confusing. Why would she want to side with Fav? If she’s the oldest magical girl, why would she just attack things for sport? This made for cool battle sequences, but at the moment I don’t see the point.

Juxtaposition of girl-girl relationships. This was also an interesting part of the episode. Snow White and Sister Nana are very similar to one another in terms of beliefs, while La Pucelle and Winterprison serve respectively as their protectors. One relationship is beginning, perhaps, and the other is at a very comfortable point. One explores its relationship more in magical form, and the other in real life. And finally, one is actually boy/girl, while the other is a true girl/girl relationship.



Variability of magical abilities. I like how the girls have powers that are defined but not perfect. For instance, Magicaloid’s ability to acquire devices from the future results in her getting super useless items. Ruler had to be in very close proximity to her subjects. Yet in both instances, we see something actually working for them. I think that this variability of magical abilities—that they can be used in very surprising ways—will play a central role in the series later on.



3 thoughts on “Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 5 Review

  1. remyfool says:

    I like the new format for the episode review. I can tell it took a while to type.

    You brought up some good points. I believe that Magicaloid is just a normal girl (or woman), however, since she said “That’s my backstory, yes” when Sister Nana asked about her being a robot from the 22nd century.

    Nicely said about Swim Swim. I think she’ll find forging her own identity difficult since she’s just a young girl, it seems (speaking of which, isn’t it interesting that the two magical girls who died so far were at least 20 years or older? Rest in peace, magical ones-sans).

    I hope we get a short backstory for Cranberry, but I have a feeling that she just likes to battle. We will have to see.

    Wow, I didn’t think as hard as you did when it came to the relationship between Sister Nana and Winterprison compared to Snow White and La Pucelle. I can only hope both couples get through. More likely that one of the girls don’t survive by the end to continue the juxtaposition, however ;_;

    Have you ever read Mahou Sensei Negima? There’s a famous quote that kind of goes, “Our magic is not omnipotent…a little bit of courage is what’s truly magical.” I’d like to think the series’ conflicts are resolved through some courage and the magical girls’ abilties are cast aside at the end, but that would make me as idealistic as Sister Nana. Still, you have me wondering about the limitations each magical girl haa in regards to their powers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alane says:

      Thanks. I blah about way too many things in one review and never get to everything so it’s a way to break it up. 😛 I’m also thinking some other experiments later on.

      I also think Magicaloid is a normal person because of that, too, but somehow can’t wrap my head around the time travel yet. But that’s an extremely picky point and I think I should just take it with a grain of salt.

      Oh, I didn’t notice that they were both the older girls. Nice observation :< aw.

      I guess so about Cranberry, but I'm still a little confused as to her motivation. Maybe she's gonna double-cross everyone!

      Ah, that's probably an influence from my Yuri on Ice posts. The main chars there are so opposite that I keep pointing them out even though I don't want to repeat myself. xD But yeah ;__; I don't want any of the girls to goooo

      It's been a super long time since I read Negima and I maybe read only half the series (not that I remember anything), but that's a nice quote. I'm keeping an eye on that digging girl at the moment.

      Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Mmm. Go for it! I hope you find a style that works for you.
        Time travel would be interesting yeah. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.
        Yeah ;_; I guess that makes it a little scary for Sister Nana and Winterprison if the trend continues, but just killing off older magical girls would be a bit too arbitrary.
        Maybe we’ll learn more about Cranberry later. I’m just glad she’s finally making her move.
        It works in your favor haha. I think both shows are making good use of contrasts and I’m glad your reviews take note of it.
        The series had some memorable quotes if nothing else haha. Tama seems like a good girl, so I’m curious about how she’ll fare in this story, too.

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