Nanbaka Episode 9 Review

Warning: Contains spoilers! Many, many spoilers! Hardly any sparkles, toned down and musing—the use of color and the lack thereof to emphasize how Jyugo feels when by himself versus with his friends was probably the best part of the episode. To me, Nanbaka’s animation has always been one of its best points, and there’s no … Continue reading Nanbaka Episode 9 Review


Navigating Through Magical Girl Raising Project (Eps. 1 – 8)

Warning: Contains spoilers! “What each of us considers righteous is up to us to decide. Magical girls aren’t bound by the laws of human society… [Snow White,] you’re probably the most typical magical girl amongst all of us!”  – La Pucelle, episode 1   In lieu of a post that only covers this week's episode … Continue reading Navigating Through Magical Girl Raising Project (Eps. 1 – 8)