Quick Announcement

Hi, everyone!

First off, thanks for all of your support the past month or so. I can’t believe we’ve made it past the one month-aversary! I really appreciate each of you guys. This blog now has more than 20 followers, and I’m very grateful you continue to read these posts and come to discuss anime with me. I love seeing all the diverse viewpoints: having my mind changed or opened to another interpretation, gleeking out together over some aspect of some anime. Thank you for all of your comments and likes.



I wanted to give you guys a quick heads up that I’m going to be a little bit busier over the next week or so. I’ve been trying to adhere to a schedule and keep the content in the posts as consistent as I can, but am going to need some more time on other projects that are not this blog. I think this will mostly affect tomorrow-Sunday’s usual post on Magical Girl Raising Project and Tuesday-Wednesday’s Nanbaka post, but may stretch longer. I went ahead and pushed the Yuri post yesterday because those always take me the longest to do (and wow, I was so, so, so in love with the episode this week that I just had to), but oops–I probably should’ve dedicated at least some of that time to other things.

This means that I’ll either be going shorter for the next few reviews coming up, try something a little different with each again, or just wait a longer time to post. I’m not as comfortable with the last option since I don’t want to break the habits I’ve somehow managed to form over the last couple of months, and that’s my priority with this first season of episode-by-episode reviewing.

Thank you again! See you in a bit.


4 thoughts on “Quick Announcement

  1. avathenerd says:

    Happy one month anniversary!
    It’s okay if you’re a little busy. It’s hard to schedule posts while also having lots of work IRL.
    Looking forward to your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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