Overly Honest Reactions to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 6

Warning: I am spoiling the entire episode in this review!

Reviews might come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re normally written after the fact and after a lot of processing and thinking, at least for me. With my sieve for a memory and pretty exaggerated reactions to things—I blame anime—I definitely have to wind down and collect my thoughts first. Even if I complain about how the series is boring and has potential or whatever, that was all done afterwards. I sometimes ask myself why I continue to watch even if I don’t end up liking it! (Hint: I get really addicted easily. I’m like one of those people that say how bad a TV series is and then keep on trucking. This is how I finished the 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother even though I didn’t like it starting Season 3.)

That said, a brief (and not fully fleshed out) overview and review of Magical Girl Raising Project episode 6 would be something like this.

In this episode of Magical Girl Raising Project, things become much more gory. Two magical girls are killed in an incredibly bloody and merciless manner. Snow White falls into despair. More mysteries arise. The series is heightening yet again, and I’ll be pouting in the corner since they were my favorite characters. Something about how both chibi and flashbacks and soothing music are used well in heightening the absurdity of the episode. Something about the overly startling nature/stark transition of the violence, maybe, given the tameness of past episodes. Something about how the previous sentence was wrong and exclamations over how this is what we were waiting for but now I feel bad.

Reading over that, it’s sort of boring and doesn’t really reflect like how I actually felt while watching. You could argue that some points were, but the “something” sentences would definitely be thought of after some musing and rolling on the floor.  So I decided this time around to jot down my real reactions, typed furiously while watching the episode and snacking on caramels. I went back and edited them a bit for some punctuation and grammar (though not too much), then wrote the summaries after the episode was finished.

0:00 – 5:00 We meet Makoto, the real life version of Magicaloid. She gives a store-bought pork cutlet bowl to a homeless man, who asks questions about whether she’s been home. She goes over to a friend’s house, starts spamming the game to help her level up, and becomes a magical girl. Opening song. Cranberry declares she wants to fight strong enemies. La Pucelle says that magical girls should be pure and help people. She and La Pucelle fight.


“Wait, this is some really soothing music.”

“That looks good. I’m hungry.”

“Who’s that girl? Oh, it’s Magicaloid. Wait, why does she seem so sweet if last ep she just wanted money?”

“Did she just hijack being a magical girl from her friend? Isn’t it unfair that she’s in a competition now when it’s not even her game? Wait, does that mean it got transferred to her phone?”

“It’s Cranberry. Wow, she seems so cool! RESPECT.”

“Woo! La Pucelle I love you you’re so chivalry” (La Pucelle is my favorite character!)

“This battle is just a bunch of air swipes”

5:00-10:00 The fight between La Pucelle and Cranberry continues. Cranberry grabs La Pucelle’s neck and says that she is starving to fight the strong. She doesn’t want to get stronger, but just kill stronger enemies with both hands. After slamming La Pucelle on a wall, she keeps on coming. La Pucelle tells her that she doesn’t want to kill people. Cranberry looks disappointed. As La Pucelle avoids her attack and charges at her with her sword, we see flashbacks of her and Snow White’s real selves. La Pucelle attacks Cranberry, but it isn’t enough. Sirens blast, Cranberry again grabs La Pucelle, and the scene ends as La Pucelle (Souta) gets hit by a car. During Fav’s next announcement, he says that the magical girls now have items they can buy. One item for one person. Limited supplies only.


“Wow this battle is getting intense”


“La Pucelle is getting that crazy look”

“Wait Cranberry looks actually insane”


“Oh no it’s not going to happen is it”


“Oh no not the flashback and the soothing music”

“Not the charge and battle cry to the soothing music”


“A sliver of hope!”

“Hope against hope!”
“No no no no”


“Wow, this bright-colored chibi scene works SO WELL right now. SO MUCH ABSURD I take back all the times that I complained about it”

“ “

“I take back that take back”

“No, I’m too hard on chibi all the time.”

“Must change that aspect of me.”

“Wait, did I just miss something?”

10:00-15:00 Fav announces that La Pucelle died in an accident. Koyuki/Snow White looks even more miserable than before. Fav and Cranberry talk. Apparently, for the first selection test for something Fav purposely chose a social game for younger girls because they get riled up. Fav needs the girls to be heroes, so he purposely made it so that they have to kill each other instead of helping people. The new weapons are part of the plan. Fav calls Cranberry his master.

Fav talks to Snow White and tells her to buy items to protect herself. She need only give up years from her lifespan. Fav “lets it slip” that La Pucelle’s death was not an accident. Before Snow White can buy an item, they’re all sold out. Hardgore Alice appears—she’s finally found Snow White. The Peaky Angels reveal that they bought the magical medicine that lifts spirits or something.


“My heart it breaks”

“Snow White no you’re also breaking my heart too”

“I don’t really understand this younger girls thing”

“oh okay I sort of get it – note to self to go back later”

“How is Cranberry Fav’s master? Is she the real orchestrator behind this? Doesn’t make sense either”

“I’m confused”

“Don’t beat Snow White down when she’s down, Fav!”

“Snow White it’s okay just don’t get more depressed”

“oh no she can’t even protect herself”

“Please just stop going into despair”

15:00-20:00 Tama bought a weapon. Swim Swim had bought the most expensive item (25 years of her life) immediately. She swaps her invisibility cloak (?) for Tama’s weapon and tells her her ability fits the cloak much more. She names the weapon Ruler after the leader she herself usurped. Calamity Mary got the bag of holding, shaving 10 years of her life as explained by Magicaloid. Magicaloid opted not to get anything because she didn’t want to be a magical girl anyway. Calamity Mary likes that Magicaloid will probably stab her in the back if it’s convenient. She tells the robot to kill someone. Top Speed and Ripple are actually collecting candies by helping people. They were too late to get the items, too. Top Speed reassures Ripple that she can get them away from all the others since she’s the fastest flyer of them all.


“If there were several weapons then how could Snow White not get one?”

“Wow Swim Swim so savage”

“This is getting creepy not gonna lie” (talking about Swim Swim’s listlessness as she nonchalantly just gives away the cloak she gave up 25 years of her life for)

“definitely creepy – Swim Swim forge your own identity!”

“Magicaloid, did not need lengthy explanation”

“ugh Calamity Mary”

“Wow Magicaloid, so blunt and pragmatic at the same time”

“Top Speed and Ripple are the only normal ones in this bunch today”

“Oh I feel you Ripple”

“Soothing music now whew”

20:00 – end Top Speed reveals that she needs to live for another six months. Pan back to Snow White. Before Alice can touch her, her head is bloodily lobbed off by Magicaloid’s item of the day. Snow White cowers. Magicaloid implies that she just feels disgust at the sight of the blood and doesn’t regret just killing Hardgore Alice. Before Magicaloid can kill Snow White, something stabs right through her chest. She falls down in a bloody mess. The episode ends with a headless Hardgore Alice standing triumphantly. Snow White screams. Ending credits and previews.


“Gah yet another mystery but at least it’s calmer”



“Snow White defend yourself for once”



“ “


“NO. MAGICALOID” (Magicaloid was my OTHER favorite character from the series as of last episode.)

“Didn’t quite see what happened” (I had to go back and figure out what happened for this.)



So that’s that! As you see, I feel that I didn’t really have too many critiques while watching. Most of it was honestly just me getting shocked and feeling despair for these characters, while just shouting at the screen in my head as if I was a wannabe sports commentator. I was confused at a few points, yes, but ended up getting swept away by this rather intense episode. Just thought I’d share these processes with you guys for this episode.

How about your reviews? Do they reflect what you were thinking while watching the episode, and/or do you have to chew on some things first?


18 thoughts on “Overly Honest Reactions to Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 6

  1. remyfool says:

    I like your stream-of-consciousness approach for this review. Seeing you have similar reactions to how I felt while watching this episode was a BONDING MOMENT. It also made me realize that I tend to default to listing the play-by-play when I should probably sit on my haunches and think things through.

    I’m going out on a limb here, but I think there was a single weapon to purchase, but there were five possible types.

    When the shop opened up, three magical girls had died, so there was 13 left. A girl can only purchase a single item, I believe.

    Snow White got nothing.
    Magicaloid (is dead) but bought nothing.
    Ripple and Top Speed? Nothing.
    So four girls bought nothing.

    Swim Swim got the cloak, Tama got “Ruler,” and the onee-san of the Peaky Angels bought the pills.
    Calamity Mary bought the bag.
    That’s five more girls and every item besides the Rabbit’s Foot confirmed.

    That leaves 4 more magical girls to account for.

    If there were multiples of the weapon on sale, then there would four more weapons and the Rabbit’s Foot at this point. Even if the last four girls had picked up an item, there should been one last item left over. However, all the items were sold out on Snow White’s screen.

    As such, I think there were five weapons in stock, but once a magical girl picked one, the rest became unavailable.

    If Sister Nana, Winterprison, and Hardgore Alice did secure an item each, maybe Cranberry pulled some strings and took the rest of them? She didn’t seem to really take to the super rare items, however.

    So I personally think either Nana, WP, or Alice has the Rabbit’s Foot. I’m leaning towards Alice, personally, since there’s the whole Alice in Wonderland motif that is probably irrelevant but I can’t seem to escape it nonetheless.

    Sorry for such a long comment!

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    • Alane says:

      Haha, glad to know we were on the same page.

      That’s a really intense analysis of where the items went to and it seems to make sense. I didn’t think of the whole Alice in Wonderland motif, but that’d pretty awesome! I’d expect at least Nana to get something, though, because of last ep’s spiel about her wanting to protect WP and vice versa. But then they’re pretty idealistic too, so hm.

      Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Haha, yeah.

        Too much time spent making sure I was making sense in that post, wahaha. I always jump on the Alice in Wonderland shout-outs whenever someone is named Alice, for better or for worse.

        Maybe Nana did get something. Those two definitely were completely absent in this episode. I guess they were still lying low after Cranberry’s attack.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Alane says:

        Hey, that’s a good thing. I always forget about Alice in Wonderland and then it ends up being a reference in some way.

        Well, just like 5 more days until the next ep I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Alane says:

      I thought for sure she would last at least a couple more episodes. This episode was kind of unexpected for me; even if the series has been heightening, the others were pretty minor leaps comparatively speaking.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Alane says:

      Teehee. Thanks for reading. Thank you for the website! It’s a nice bit of character analysis and yea, you can feel the passion in the review.

      Oh, I see. I did wonder how Snow White was faring and wanted more detail, but that makes a lot more sense now. She did look incredibly depressed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • remyfool says:

      Wow, this is a great treasure trove for the MGRP franchise. I’m having trouble deciding whether or not I should read everything or wait until the series is finished airing.

      Ah, you’re right, I wasn’t really aware about how Snow White was lying about in the trash for several days. Maybe the studio could have had Fav mention that as a throwaway comment. Like, “Maybe you should shower. It’s been a few days. And eat and sleep. Stop crying, it’s not going to do anything for anyone.” Hmm.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nanaya says:

        In my opinion, going in blind is the best for this series, so if you can control yourself don’t read it yet. It would take away some major part of enjoyment, wondering and speculations. Plus there outta be more material to read including many side stories after anime is finished, the translator is quite fast.
        Yeah this is a treasure trove, I don’t even know there was translation going on till yesterday. I am glad that there are more fans now.

        Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        Alrighty, I’ll do my best to refrain. Thank you for the heads up. And bless this translator’s heart for the hard work. This the first time in years I’ve felt motivated to read a translated novel, wow.
        It’s always great when a series’ fanbase grows!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nanaya says:

    My experience with this has been great, it is one of my favorite series now.

    When I first read it 7th volume is out, I end up reading all the way to that volume and continue on.
    I missed quite a few of side material though.

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