Two Guys Talk Nanbaka Episode 6 Over Drinks

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Have you heard of Roddy Doyle? He’s an Irish author who I think is absolutely amazing at voice. On Facebook, he comments on current events by writing conversations between two men at a bar. He’s compiled some of these posts into a book called Two Pints.

You can guess the inspiration for this little post. I had a lot of fun writing it!

“You see the latest episode of Nanbaka?”


“Prison anime. One with all the sparkles.”

“Oh yeah. Saw it Tuesday.”

“Cute girl in the first half.”

“Too cute. Always squealing about that guard. The bald one.”

“Even more now.”

“Too much now.”

“Felt sorry for that guy who likes her.”

“Deserved it. Seemed pretty obvious everyone knew about her crush.”

“That was this episode. Last one they were all clueless.”

“And the one before that.”


“He’s still clueless, though.”


“Was hoping the other guy’d win.”


“For love. Bald guy doesn’t deserve her.”

“He does.”

“You think so?”

“He beat up the other guy.”

“He’s not in love.”

“Don’t need to be.”



“Didn’t seem like there was a point to the whole thing.”

“It’s love. That enough?”




“You see the battle between the weak guy and that other guy?”

“Oh yeah. The guy who knew his secrets.”

“Not really his secrets.”

“Yes, his secrets.”

“Didn’t really get it.”


“Story’s finally going somewhere.”

“Key word is finally. Battle took pretty long, too.”

“Pretty dope transformation at the end. Liked the fireballs and the weird arm things.”

“Looks like things are about to heat up.”

“I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”



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