Abuse in Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 7

Warning: Contains spoilers!

The theme in Magical Girl Raising Project this week is abuse. While much of this series hasn’t exactly been happy, many of the events so far haven’t been nearly as explicit as some of the moments you see in this episode.

Abuse underlies the three major parts of this episode:

Calamity Mary: physical abuse to Hardgore Alice


In a surprising vengeance for Magicaloid’s death, Calamity Mary hunts down the robot’s murderer Hardgore Alice to kill her. From last episode, we found out that Hardgore Alice pretty much can’t die no matter what happens to her.

Calamity Mary takes some extreme measures when she tries to kill off her opponent, including: shooting her an insane number of times, then throwing a grenade at her; burning her miasmic remains; and burying her in a barrel full of cement, welding the barrel shut, and chucking it into the sea. Alice still survives no matter how psychotic and desperate Calamity Mary comes, which throws Mary further into despair.

This is perhaps the biggest blow to Calamity Mary herself, as she’s been flaunting her position and self-proclaimed badassery to everyone since the early episodes. Hardgore Alice can weather it all. She’s like a cancer cell, and regenerates if only a little bit of her is still alive. It looks like she can only die one of two ways: by having the least amount of candies that week, or using even quicker, more devastating methods than what Calamity Mary used.

Ripple: sexual and emotional abuse from her schoolmates and stepdad


In a flashback, we find out that poor Ripple has been bullied in school because her last name keeps changing, which makes her act out against her bullies in class. Her home life isn’t any better. Her fifth father is a pervert who leers at her as she’s trying to undress in private in her bedroom.

I appreciated this bit of characterization, since it gives Ripple’s reticence a bit more depth rather than letting her be the series’s tsundere.

Snow White: psychological abuse from Hardgore Alice and pretty much everything


In what’s got to be the worst first impression ever, Snow White met Hardgore Alice last episode when Alice saved her from Magicaloid. Thing is, the saving entailed a headless Hardgore Alice, lots of gore, and absolutely no explanation whatsoever for whether or not she was trying to help Snow White.

As has been apparent in the series, Snow White suffers pretty extreme forms of PTSD due to her idealism, and has been going through a whole lot more since La Pucelle’s death last episode. She is understandably freaked out by Alice, who keeps appearing. Alice’s deadpan expressions and awkward lurching from side to side like a lifeless marionette doesn’t help matters. To put the final nail in the coffin, when Snow White meets with Winterprison and Sister Nana, Alice appears. Winterprison even notices Snow White’s fearful reaction but doesn’t do anything to help.

Though Snow White has banded together with Sister Nana and Winterprison, the couple is closer to one another than to her. And though Hardgore Alice even gives Snow White the lucky Rabbit’s Foot to help her out, she really needs to brush up on her communication skills. It’s just made the whole thing even more confusing and lonely for Snow White.


13 thoughts on “Abuse in Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 7

  1. remyfool says:

    Abuse definitely is a good way to summarize this episode ;__;

    You have a good point about Winterprison not lifting a finger to help Snow White even though she’s in obvious distress. While she seems to be slowly putting two and two together in regards to the behind-the-scenes events and thus has some sort of observation skills, I believe she just doesn’t care about the other magical girls. Winterprison only cares about Nana which means she’ll always be reacting to everyone’s plans too late. It makes her a bit of a selfish prince.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alane says:

      ;_; aw, I agree. I guess WP is too cool for school. I wonder what’ll happen if Nana dies before her. I sorta get the feeling that’ll happen, if only based on the super simple hunch that it’ll be the opposite of La Pucelle as protector dying before Snow White.

      Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        WP is as cold as iceeee when Nana isn’t involved.
        That would make some great parallels! Well, maybe she’ll lose her usual calm. She definitely wouldn’t survive a second fight with Cranberry if she doesn’t have her partner to power her up, I feel.
        Another hunch, but something is definitely going to happen next week between the Princess&Knight combo and the Fab Four. We’ll also probably get to see the cloak and weapon put to good use. Things really don’t look good for WP and Nana, in my opinion. Maybe this is where your hunch comes true and Nana dies!

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode! It was definitely more lively than my dry analytical one wahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Alane says:

        lol yea you are definitely right about the Fab Four and Princess/Knight. Knowing my luck, it’ll be WP who dies because of Swim Swim et al. then probably Nana will be so sad that she’ll do something super drastic. blargh. Or vice versa works too, but I feel that Nana is a little more extreme than WP. We haven’t had a suicide yet. That couple only thinks about themselves!

        yea your review bored me to tears. yawwwwwn. JK I really liked it! I think we will find out about Alice, and you will proudly puff out your chest. In fact it was a little hard not to intersect with your stuff this week, haha. I was about to do a char focus on Alice this time around and went, wait, it was already done better by someone else who sounds like they already called all the shots.

        Liked by 1 person

      • remyfool says:

        It could go either way~ I’m hoping you’re right about Nana being the one to go, though. That way the resistance alliance falls apart and Cranberry might still feel motivated to take out a weakened WP. Boom, two ladies down. I could see Nana doing something crazy, too, though. Romeo and Juliet homage incoming? Well, I doubt there will be poison involved, but you know what I mean. They see nothing else but each other, that’s for sure!
        Hahaha oh, you. Thanks. Oh, sorry about that. I snagged all the juicy stuff ;__; an Alice analysis could have been good, too!
        Well, all those shots were made with one of my eyes closed so it’s rather unlikely they’ll hit the mark. I appreciate your kind words nevertheless~

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  2. Nanaya says:

    Congratulation you caught a part of Winterprison that many don’t. There is a reason why her power is creating a small wall not a perfectly unbreakable giant walls after all. Cranberry being so physically tough don’t help for her walls though. You missed Tama in the abuse victim list of the week(lol), that one short glance of her should be enough to the viewers about her current state.

    Yup, Snow White was really freaked out by Alice, every time Alice tilted her head she was remind of the head falling off. Snow’s solution to that was to think of memories of La Pucelle, her sense of comfort and safety, while it certainly works, it also has the unfortunate side effect of making her depressed. At least she was able to come to conclusion that Alice don’t want to harm her.

    Also Fav’s Slasher comments totally made sense because Alice indeed has hallmarks of a slasher film villain.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alane says:

      Oh yea, I forgot about Tama. Good catch. Poor kid looks really scared about what’s going on.

      I see. I wish they brought some more of this stuff into the anime, but I think it’s understandable. I feel that the compromise is that people who only know this series through the anime don’t really get to know Snow White.

      Haha, yea, Alice was definitely pretty slasher.

      Thanks for chatting!


      • Nanaya says:

        Well monologue and inner thoughts tend to get left out in adaptation after all, the same is true here. I just felt that this one part shouldn’t have been left out. I mean it wouldn’t be hard to put a picture of La Pucelle smiling in the episode. Or May be they are going to used that part on one of the next episodes…

        Liked by 1 person

      • Alane says:

        Hmm, yea you’re right. Last episode was shocking and I feel that I didn’t get enough closure for La Pucelle’s death, so that would’ve been nice. But that could just be because I really liked her. I’m looking forward to the next one!


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