Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 7 Review

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Wow! After not being sure about last week’s episode, I think this one turns almost the same elements on its head to produce an entirely different experience. In short: I loved it. Not only did we get to experience a more dynamic set of skating sequences, but they were ordered such that the episode kept on heightening through to the very end. The Chinese person starts, but unfortunately isn’t very memorable. Giacometti shows that he can’t take Victor back from Yuri with his mature eros. Phichit sets a record for Asia. During the American guy’s performance, we go behind the scenes to follow Yuri, but, mirroring Yuri’s breakdown in a rather bland fashion, it’s evident that the skater is sort of disappointed in himself. And then the episode begins to look at intensely personal heartbreak, with the other Russian skater telling the story of his romance even more than last episode. This all climaxes at the end with Yuri’s performance.

And, of course, there’s the entire Yuri storyline sprinkled throughout, which lent a lot of authenticity to the episode. I think during Yuri’s performances during the last two episodes, he was trying a little hard to embrace his innocent eros, which made the performances sound a tad inauthentic. This time, though, he lays bare everything for the viewer—from the crushing anxiety that’s intensified by his pressure to show that Victor is indeed the best coach in the world, to the story he’s been showing us through his skating, to the wonderful ending that’s probably all over Twitter right now. I know the series has been building this up, but the whole Victor-Yuri dynamic to me felt just right this time around; it didn’t seem forced at any point.

Finally, Yurio’s reaction at the end was such a concise but excellent contrast to everything that happens—bringing us back to reality, showcasing yet another psychological element, and also setting up excitement for the things to come.

What I appreciated most was that this episode played my feelings like a fiddle. It put me in anxiety and ultimately warmed my heart, AND it gave great performances from all of the skaters. I also love how Phichit won first place this time around, because it makes the show seem more selfless; the entire story encompasses other people rather than just Yuri. Bravo! I personally like to rewatch Yuri episodes, but this is definitely up there as one that I would recommend others to rewatch, too.

Judging by the Instagram pictures at the end of the episode, I guess we’ve already met most of the skaters? I’m looking forward to the next one, which looks like it’ll put the focus back on Yurio vs. Yuri.


14 thoughts on “Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 7 Review

  1. Karandi says:

    This episode was amazing. It just perfectly moved Yuri and Victor’s relationship as coach and student and as a romantic interest to the next level and it did it in such a perfect way.
    Totally agree that Yurio’s reaction was perfect and exactly what was needed at that point in the episode.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. edsamac says:

    Interesting how you mention that Yuri’s initial performance seemed “inauthentic”. Indeed, “Eros” is basically outside of Yuri’s general comfort zone, and he feels that he has to overexert himself if he’s to attain the essence of “eros” that he believes is worthy of Victor’s praise. This sort of attitude can be very taxing on anyone, and it shows quite well when Yuri breaks down in the face of having to do an interpretation of his OWN lived experience (i.e. “Yuri on Ice”) for Yuri, weighed down even further with the fact that he’s in no physical condition to execute it properly.

    So all of his anxiety was actually well placed in this episode, and his reaction couldn’t have been any better. It’s refreshing to see Yuri actually step forward and declare his own individuality though his small expressions of disappointment in Victor. I think this is the first time Yuri actually seems annoyed at Victor, and this goes back to your comment on “authenticity”. Because for the first time, I think Yuri was being far more sincere on several levels — not just in his performance, but in his relationship with Victor.

    Again, a great episode indeed. When this show isn’t busy trying to show off cute boys, it really can deliver a pleasing character narrative.

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    • Alane says:

      I’m really glad we had Giacometti’s performance to showcase a different type of eros, or rather to just have someone who’s so comfortable in it that Yuri’s own discomfort is highlighted even more.

      I think you hit the authenticity part (and general episode vibes) on the head with your discussion on communication. Argh, that should be the subject heading of a lot of books and great narratives; people never learn.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


  3. Ma. Venus Gamboa says:

    I was waiting for someone to talk about Yurio’s spot-on reaction after the performance! It speaks volumes! Indeed, this episode captured the beauty of the Viktor-Yuri dynamic. I felt it. I knew it. I was convinced. It’s real! And Pichit…..Pichit deserved the gold. No questions about that!

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  4. Artemis says:

    I loved the second half of this episode. Not so much the first, which honestly felt a little flat to me; for a change, the humour seemed a bit repetitive and didn’t mesh all that well with the more serious moments. While the second half more than made up for it, and despite that fabulous climax, I don’t think this was the show’s best episode.

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    • Alane says:

      I understand where you’re coming from; the latter half was the star of the episode and definitely the reason I loved it so much.

      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts! I apologize again for the spam folder mix-up.


  5. Cat says:

    This episode made me so anxious and scared, I actually cried both times I watched it because the kiss was so good but his tears aaah
    And the preview got me so shook, Yurio with long hair /chokes softly
    I love the “touching hair” moment, I dunno if Viktor has thin hair there or what, but it shows a degree of closeness hnng
    Plus Yuri was so tsundere but honest during skating as he called Viktor stupid, reminded me of when couples fight xD
    I can’t believe people still think this is just fan service or that it was a hug, people are crazy smh


    • Alane says:

      O ya I definitely felt this one right in my heart T__T

      I know right; they were super couple-y fight this episode. the chemistry was there mannnn

      Ed mentioned in one of the other comments that Asians tend to poke at that place a lot? I know i boop people’s hair there, so I think I can relate. Regardless, I agree that it does show a degree of closeness

      This series likes to tease its viewers to no end, so I think it’s still sorta understandable hahaha but I think this time was pretttty clear cut and v well executed–at the very least, I hope they’re thinking romance!


      • Cat says:

        Their chemistry is off the charts!
        Really? Why do they poke it? :00
        I hope they’re thinking ice skating marriage duo skating, cause I wanna seeeeee!

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      • Alane says:

        Hahaha, no explanation for that was given. :c I know in my case i just feel an inclination. THE INCLINATION IS THERE

        oh omg ice skating marriage duo skating :3 with all the Victor-from-the-past images i really hope so too!


      • Cat says:

        I really wanna know aaah, I need to know t.t
        I want those posters that Yuuri hid tbh xD


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