Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 8 Review

Warning: Contains spoilers!


In this episode of Yuri!!! On Ice, Yuri competes against a few more skaters in Russia. Most notable is the appearance of Yurio, who’s also been in almost every single episode since he was introduced as Yuri’s main rival in episode 1. At the end, Yuri convinces Victor to leave for Japan because of his sick dog, who inhaled too many mochi while everyone was too engrossed watching the figure skating competition to look after him properly. Yuri will be coached by Victor’s old coach next episode, with no Victor to look after him

Overall, though I liked this episode, I was hoping to see more Yuri vs. Yurio. One of the highlights of the show for me was the tension and contrast between the two. I’m assuming my hopes will be addressed next episode—we’ll see how Yuri can fare against Yurio without Victor, even when he’s become so much more confident—but whatever thunder Yurio built up throughout the episode (and he did build up a lot, even more than Yuri himself!) was, at the very least, interrupted at the end by the surprise twist with Victor’s dog Makkachin.

Though I do feel for Makkachin, I was also a little bummed because the series has been hinting at the return of Yuri vs. Yuri since episode 2 and didn’t quite enjoy it as much as I anticipated. I suppose that it’s one way to ensure Victor isn’t with Yuri during his performance and show that Yuri can (hopefully) stand by himself. On the other hand, that dog just wanted some mochi, as do we all. Why is life so cruel?

This incident will certainly heighten the tension in preparation for the real bout between Yuri vs. Yurio. This episode, we see the effects of Victor on Yuri, who has calmed down considerably since past competitions. Yuri’s awakened potential has the unfortunate side effect of compromising Yurio’s serious competitive streak against Yuri. It can be seen in at least two moments: 1) Yuri was extremely impressed by his agape and exclaiming happily with Victor, and 2) a set of cat ears lands on Yurio’s head after his performance. These events made things a little too cute for me personally, but they do mesh with the humor and tone the series has been taking on.

I mean, just look at all the things that are unsaid in this picture.


Other things I’d like to mention:

  • I’m a little curious about Yurio’s relationship with his grandfather, but I don’t think knowing will significantly change the main conflict. I’m okay with little or no explanation.
  • The new skaters this time around were quite memorable, even though we only got to see them a little bit. I think this is pretty impressive, considering other series have characters who last the entire series but who aren’t nearly as distinguishable as the ones here. I particularly liked the quiet and somewhat rude (but cool!) Korean skater and the confident Canadian, who are polar opposites to Yuri’s kind and humble nature.
  • On that note, a lot of different kinds of sexuality are being explored in this series. The brother-sister relationship from this episode also has a male who needs to learn to skate on his own without using their relationship as a crutch, much like Yuri without Victor.



10 thoughts on “Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 8 Review

  1. Karandi says:

    Yurio was definitely a bit of a let down given he’s one of the few characters who has been in the story for most of the time and yet his anticipated face off with Yuri was kind of nothing in the end. That said, it kind of it more realistic than him storming over and declaring he’s going to crush Yuri so maybe it’s just part of him growing up.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    • Alane says:

      Oh yeah, I hadn’t considered it but Yurio has indeed been getting more mature through the series. I keep forgetting he’s only 15. That would’ve been funny if Yurio had unleashed his fury on Yuri, though. I guess having his grandfather not around also helped Yurio perform at a higher level.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Artemis says:

    Crossing my fingers that this comment goes through…

    I think it’s easy to forget just how young and immature Yurio is, given that nearly every other character in the show is at least in their 20s. I wasn’t too disappointed by the slightly anti-climactic Yuri vs Yurio scenes in this episode though, mostly because I think it’s just a matter of the show saving all that energy until the setup has been completed. Next episode now, THAT should be hella interesting. 🙂

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    • Alane says:

      It went through! Whew. 🙂

      Now that you’ve got me thinking, most of the episodes/parts of episodes that I didn’t find as interesting as others did usually set up some really dazzling stuff. I think you are right in your anticipation.

      I am/have been super psyched for the next confrontation and did completely forget about Yurio’s age while watching. Really looking forward to the next episode!

      Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Cat says:

    I really hope Makkachin doesn’t die ORZ
    I really do hope Yurio realizes he has other people that love and support him, like Viktor and Yuri, and that he doesn’t have to fixate on his Grandpa to get them.
    We’re seeing Yurio mature alongside Yuri, plus he’s 15 and a big child, which is why I only ship him when he’s an adult, because he’s clearly not mature enough for the amount of people saying he should be banging with Viktor and Yuri /shudders
    I loved the cat ears, and how he kept them but still sat the same, so cute but still himself!
    Plus I believe the true confrontation is going to be in the finale, which MAL has marked as 22 of December when YoI finishes /ugly cries
    I love everyone in this show and hope Minami returns, PLS I NEED MY CUTIE

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    • Alane says:

      I really like Yurio ;__; I think he may have an inkling that other people care for him but reacts differently to those folks (only gramps + a few other people we probably haven’t seen know his real side!)

      WHAT THE ENDING IS DECEMBER 22? Oh noooo ;__;


  4. edsamac says:

    Part of me feels that Yurio’s underwhelming depiction is in the series’ appeal towards a different audience. As a sports drama, Yuri!!! on ICE lacks the loud shounen-ey vibes of shows like Haikyuu! and the like, so it’s clear that the lack of enthusiasm for Yurio and Yuri’s pairing is part due to our own expectations from the genre.

    I honestly think their conflict needs to be put into focus more, because the show has been mulling over essentially the same plot beats with only minor variations in characters over the past few episodes. I was hoping this episode would add some fire to Yuri and Yurio as rivals, but it was overshadowed by the sudden shift in focus to Makkachin.

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    • Alane says:

      This is my first sports show (only other viewing was 3 eps of Prince of Tennis), but I can imagine I was primed by my expectations from other anime as well–those many standalone episodes with sports competition, and just machoriffic showdowns in general. My entire Thanksgiving holiday was listening to a family member marathon Dragon Ball Super.

      I definitely was hoping for what you described. I haven’t seen the latest episode yet, but I am burning with anticipation! +_+


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