Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 9 Review

Warning: Contains spoilers!

This episode of Magical Girl Raising Project was so invigorating to watch, thanks to well executed pacing and twists. Three girls die. You know the ones—their flashbacks were shown last episode. The first thirteen minutes or so were occupied by a fantastic battle between the Ripple/Top Speed duo and that awful Calamity Mary. Shurikens and glass flew. Bombs exploded. Then my heart was broken by a surprise attack and a suicide.


My favorite part about the episode was Top Speed and Ripple—namely, how the series made you care about them. Admittedly, I haven’t really focused much on these two even though they’ve been present throughout the series. They’re usually in the background, making some comments but never really the most exciting part of the episode, to the point where you notice them and know their names even though they’re not the focus. For example, the past few episodes, they kept participating in the contest by collecting Magical Candies even though the other girls were busily killing each other off.


Here, they worked together and showed that they, too, believed that magical girls should help people even if it means they could get killed, and, most notably, even if they have to fight another magical girl to do so. This becomes even more shocking considering the reveal that Top Speed is pregnant this episode. A huge contrast yet parallel to Snow White, who holds the same belief to the extreme but is unwilling to fight another magical girl or even hurt other people even though she wants to survive.

That might be a little hard on Snow White, but as the first magical girl we were introduced to, she hasn’t really developed from our first glimpse of her. This episode, she was true to her kind nature and helped people who were caught in the fire caused by Calamity Mary as the latter fought Top Speed/Ripple. Yet at the same time, she almost let herself be killed by one of the magical girl angels because she um, saw her smile at her and decided that this smile meant she was a good person? Another explanation might be that she thought she’d come to help people, too, even though Swim Swim et al. already ambushed her before. I didn’t quite get it, but right now she is being aggravatingly naïve.


Going back to Ripple/Top Speed: Top Speed’s death was a pretty unpleasant surprise. I had about 3 seconds of joy that the character you’re supposed to dislike, Calamity Mary, had finally been killed off, before Swim Swim offed Top Speed by a well-timed back stab. It seems she’d been planning to kill Snow White, too, before Snow White’s magical powers were activated. This seems to be the first instance that the girls’ powers can be interpreted pretty generally, instead of just for one specific application. Snow White can hear “people in distress,” and those folks aren’t just restricted to kids stuck up in a tree. The wording also includes Tama, who really doesn’t want to ambush Snow White but was ordered to; just the thought of it stresses her out.

Swim Swim is again pushing the envelope of how far she’s willing to lead in Ruler’s stead, as arguably a better leader than Ruler herself. She went too far this episode, though. Consider: assuming that Swim Swim had just seen Ripple/Top Speed kill Calamity Mary (or did she?), and then Top Speed was killed off, then that would have completed the requirement of 8 magical girls already. She hadn’t yet heard that the rules were AGAIN changed this episode so that only 4 girls needed to survive. Snow White would have been a needless murder. It just goes to show just how cold and calculating Swim Swim is, in her twisted dream of becoming a ruler of her own.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the rules will keep changing until only one is left standing. Fav will probably reveal himself instead of hiding behind an avatar. As for now, the series has already foreshadowed at least one more death next episode. And, if we’re going to predict deaths by the flashbacks that appear, as per usual, curiously Ripple’s was shown 2 episodes ago but she did not get killed off this episode. That makes her the first magical girl since Snow White, I believe, whose flashback was shown but who hasn’t died yet. At the moment, I don’t know if it’s very significant.



8 thoughts on “Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 9 Review

  1. remyfool says:

    Great post!

    You know, I didn’t put two and two together and realize that the girls who died this episode received flashbacks during the previous episode. Nice catch…but it also does make the deaths a little predictable. Then again, as you said, Swim Swim is still walking around. Same with Ripple. Hmm. I think you’d still be relatively accurate if you were to guess which girl dies based on who gets a flashback or not.

    And wow, that was sharp of you to notice Swim Swim being a monster. She just wants everyone around that could be a threat to her being a top dog queen gone, I suppose.

    I’m still sad about Top Speed.

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    • Alane says:

      Suspiciousssss. +_+ Oh yea, I forgot about Swim Swim’s flashback (?). Was that with Nemurin? Nice catch.

      :c she’s so crazyyy. also that angel. I think um the peaky angel may have found a way to get either Alice or SW–as you said, she’ll know where one or both of them live, and be non-magical-power activated, and both of them would be susceptible :c

      :c RIP Top Speed + baby

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      • remyfool says:

        Verrryyyy. Yeah it was with Nemurin. I wonder if Swim Swim ever out two and two together. Thanks~
        She’s like 6 or 7 so I guess her moral compass is messed up. What a world.
        Mmm it’s probably one of the two! I still am hoping HG Alice has a limit to her ability. Maybe you’re right and she has to be transformed in order to survive.
        From what Nanaya said, though, SW is going to be under duress next week. Hm…
        Saddest death so far ;____;

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  2. Nanaya says:

    In the defense of Snow, she was hoping Minael was here to help because just she and Alice wasn’t enough. Snow planned to greet her but got stopped by Alice, making her looked at the Minael and immediately her heart sunk. She then ignore minael and Alice, continue on helping as people dying screams are getting louder and louder which she heard in both ways of hearing as more thing exploded. Then she found Tama in the mildest of helping. She actually act cheerfully cos Tama started crying but Snow White at this point should be feeling tired of people dying, magical girls fighting each other, the screams that she keep hearing or just everything in general. I don’t really think anime manage to convey that part.

    CM don’t become a glass pincushion (Ripple threw a widow, Mary shot it but the pieces of glass continue on, also the first creative use of power that manage to impress me, why Lerche why?), Top speed was also too slow, at least they don’t get rid of the bike. Swin Swin not knowing how to use her weapon properly also made it in.

    Also how do you feel about Nemurin’s innocent comment now? That moment in Episode 4 was a horror moment for me from the beginning.

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    • Alane says:

      Oh okay. I had an inkling that Snow White thought the angel was going to help out, but like you said it wasn’t quite well presented. And I definitely didn’t go into it into nearly as much detail as you just mentioned.

      That would have been a very creative death. I can sorta understand the censorship. Swim Swim didn’t know how to use the weapon properly? I didn’t really get that; maybe I should rewatch that part.

      I thought she was just encouraging a little girl to live her dreams, like a lot of little girls. But what dreams they turned out to be! The thought of such a sweet gesture turning so sour is pretty horrifying.

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      • Nanaya says:

        Yeah, Snow white was disappointed that no other magical girl are coming to help. So she was relieved at first. Alice noticed Minael’s intention at first and then Snow noticed it too after Alice stop her from greeting. There was no attack. Snow then ignore the whole thing and focus on saving people till she heard Tama.

        Swin Swin is 7, there is no way she would know how to use that kind of weapon apart from swinging it hard.

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      • Alane says:

        Does the weapon have any magical powers with it? Yea I guess now that you mention it she didn’t really follow a form I usually see when people use that weapon.


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