Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 11 Review

Warning: Contains spoilers!

I’m a little pressed for time today and possibly the next few days, so this one’s going to be shorter. Sorry!

The bits of background sprinkled through the skaters’ performances made a world of difference to the competitive atmosphere and personality of each performance, many of which we have seen before. I found myself rooting for all of them. Loved how the episode amped up the tension right from the beginning. Melding the background of the opening song with sketches and previews of all the skaters was a nice touch to keep the mood going, too.


The most memorable performances of the night were Yurio’s and JJ’s. I think Yurio can really win this thing and sort of expect that he will, though we will have to see what happens next week. On the other hand, I had my heart crushed by JJ. He was built to be The Flawless Guy, The Guy to Beat, and one with an overly active ego to boot, but, subverting everyone’s expectations, completely caved to the tremendous pressure of not just the Grand Prix Final but also the idea that he would marry his fiancée after placing first in the competition. It’s not his first time here: JJ placed 3rd place in the last Grand Prix Final. But the added impact of what he considers the most important day of his life truly affected his performance.


So many stories to tell: two folks who interpret eros in two different ways, two skaters who skate for their country, and the one who was expected to place vs the one who actually placed first. Throughout it all, Victor’s looking on thoughtfully.


2 thoughts on “Yuri!!! On Ice Episode 11 Review

  1. Ma. Venus Gamboa says:

    I agree! JJ’s part was memorable! I didn’t see it coming actually. There’s just so much going on in this episode and each character deserves his own post. It’s amazing how this short episode managed to do a decent job in putting everyone in the spotlight! Even Otabek got a really good part!

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