Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 12 (END) Review

Warning: Contains spoilers!!

It’s time for the finale of Magical Girl Raising Project, that magical-girl-anime-turned-battle-royale. Frankly, I’m satisfied with the ending. Quite a few loose ends are tied together, and the episode leaves it open for a sequel. Snow White tells Fav she wants to quit, but Fav tells her she can’t do that because of a contract violation. He reveals that he’s a familiar of the Scouting Department from the World of Magic, who oversees exams for the Magical Girl Recruiting and Training Project with a Master. The sole winner of the project, determined by the rules set by the current Master (here, the sole survivor after everyone else has been killed—thanks, Cranberry!), becomes a true magical girl and can either work as one or oversee the next exam as the next Master.


He wants Snow White to be the new Master since the others have personality problems. He’s actually pitted Ripple versus Swim Swim on purpose because they can both be killed off. Disclaimer: in previous exams, girls merely forgot that they were ever magical girls and lived on with their lives. He was bored, so changed things up.

Meanwhile, Ripple and Swim Swim fight in the rain—Ripple tossing weapons at Swim Swim as she turns into water and avoids them. Snow White begins rushing there but is too late: Ripple has killed Swim Swim with a flashbang grenade, while Swim Swim has left Ripple to die. The lucky Rabbit’s Foot saves Ripple, and after breaking the Master Terminal, the last link to Fav, the two continue being magical girls and saving the city, with Snow White strengthening herself through training sessions with Ripple.


I’m glad they’ve told us what the Magical Girl Training Project was—which I think is enough for the series—and that the exam will vary from Master to Master, even though it seemed like Cranberry had twisted the system from what the administrators wanted and kept it a secret. Could it be that Fav still has some machinations up his sleeve and that he’s still lying to all of them?

I’m not sure exactly what constitutes a real magical girl, either, though I believe that’s something that can be answered in the future. As we’ve seen in the anime, one magical girl can be so drastically different from another. I shudder to think what would have happened if, say, Calamity Mary or Swim Swim had become Master. The idea that two of the girls who believe more in the traditional sense of magical girls—that they fight for righteousness—won, one without even doing that much, feels like ample vindication for what Cranberry tried to do. But it also rings a little hollow, since Snow White pretty much won by uh, doing nothing. Or looking at it from another way, not abiding by Cranberry’s rules. You could say she’s a real rebel in that sense.


The statement that Snow White is the winner is not exactly true, since due to the contingency of the Rabbit’s Foot reviving Ripple, both she and Snow White are still alive, leaving not one but two magical girls still standing. Could it be that there’s still no winner, and that the exam is still going on? That since they’re no longer killing each other, there’ll be a perpetual stalemate? There’s a message at the end when the girls are saving people around the world that they should just try keeping to their own districts. And is that from Fav, who’s possibly still alive, or someone else?

One of the things I would have liked a clearer answer to was why Ripple and Snow White can still continue to be magical girls even after destroying the terminal containing Fav (Fav’s hologram?). My hypothesis is that they simply removed the methods of transforming back and forth between regular form and magical girl form, and so now are stuck as magical girls. This seems to make sense, since Snow White simply left a note with her mom six months ago that she was running away from home.


Another aspect is Snow White simply wanting to quit at the beginning of the episode. I might recall this incorrectly, but wasn’t it clarified at the beginning that anyone who dropped out would die? That seems like an attempt at suicide to me, but Fav was having none of it so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. It also puzzles me that he wants Snow White as his master, since she was the opposite of Cranberry. Perhaps he’s bored again.

Overall, it was a pretty nice ending to the gruesome battle royale we’ve been treated to. After a drawn-out fight on a stormy night, the side of good won. The two girls are now fighting to keep the city safe, and seem like they’re spending every moment doing so. Snow White, ironically, is finally training herself to become stronger. But it’s such a Snow White thing to do—that she’d only want to become stronger to help other people, rather than killing other magical girls.


14 thoughts on “Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 12 (END) Review

  1. Nanaya says:

    Unripe Cranberries are white as snow. I don’t think I need to say more, just consider the possibilities.

    Snow White becoming sort of suicidal aka not transforming happen after Nana’s death, her lowest point. Her going back home don’t really fit her character, she is naive around this time but not dumb, she always figure out things. She has 4* for intelligence after all. It make her just realizing the whole thing in this episode and Fav explaining the whole thing felt sort of weird. Fav was already in her shit list already she don’t need to know anything more to act.

    She was supposed to follow Ripple immediately after destroying her phone right after Ripple left. Too bad she had no experience in tracking down someone using her power. She was also supposed to throw Fav at Ripple’s feet after hearing fav thoughts about the Halberd.

    The master terminal was just a place that Fav live in, it don’t really have any connection. By losing her own terminal koyuki won’t have a way to return back to her magical girl form for while until Land of Magic give her a new terminal. (She would return back to human form if she slept.) So I don’t understand why she run from her home in the anime, unless that was suppose to be Ripple. Snow White won’t abandon her human life that would make her similar to Cranberry who abandon everything in her path to strength. Snow’s strength is different….

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    • Alane says:

      Oh nooo, Snow White! I can’t imagine her becoming like Cranberry, but I guess it’s time to whip out those light novels.

      Sorry, I’m not quite sure I follow, but Snow White running away from home doesn’t match her? It sorta sounds like she can’t face her family as a magical girl (that would be a really awkward encounter) and wants to keep helping people out. I think Ripple had already been on her own so her parents wouldn’t really notice–though the school would.

      Ohhh, I guess Fav is gone permanently, then. With that, I feel the World of Magic would be alerted to what’s been going on, I guess. Though I don’t know exactly how they’d keep tabs if he’s not around.

      Hm, I guess the anime didn’t really do justice to her portrayal in the light novel, if she’d already figured it out. I think that was sort of hinted but not quite clear. Sounds like Snow White’s really starting to use her powers effectively–it was a little strange that she started hearing Fav’s voice all of a sudden (er, it started with Tama I suppose). I wonder if she could have done that all along but was too focused on helping people.

      Thanks for always stopping by and giving your insights! c: Were you happy with this ending, aside from the comments you made her? And are you planning to watch anything next anime season?


      • Nanaya says:

        Anime making her run away from home for 6 months is weird especially considering that it’s a minor plot point later on about how she hasn’t not abandon those for strength like Cranberry. Land of Magic is also not slow or won’t just sent messages, Ripple and Snow White were ‘brought in’ and ‘interviewed’ quite quickly. Snow white get her new phone after that thus solving her transformation problem. Anyway I think they leave it like this way since they aren’t expecting a 2nd season. The current ending is still open enough to fit those plots if they get one later on….I hope.

        She doesn’t even need to figure out all the details, Ripple and Swin Swin is going to kill each other, Fav is making that happen. And Ripple just left. That should be enough for her to act. I mean why would Snow go back to home right after that cry?

        Snow’s power all about is reading the mind of someone feeling troubles, fears and worries. It’s quite open in definition and easy to use if you think of it. It’s also passive.

        I am happy with the anime, it’s decent, I mean as much as I complain, it also did a lot of thing right. I am happy that this even got an anime haha. It also introduce people to the light novels so it’s all good. KonoSuba 2 for sure, I am in dark about the others so not sure what I will ended up watching.

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      • Alane says:

        D: whattt they were brought in and interviewed? Now THAT makes a lot more sense, haha. But you’re right, it would have introduced a lot of things that would have made for a cliffhanger. Smart of them–all these points could be reconciled later on with a quick flashback should a second season happen.

        Oh I see. Yea! I was kind of questioning why she was at home, too, since that didn’t seem so Snow White. You’d think she’d be trying to stop them. I suppose it was a way to get all the explanation in…

        Okay. So it sounds like she could have used the power for a while, but maybe wasn’t around for a lot of the killings / show didn’t show it till later.

        yay! glad you liked it. For all my complaints, I liked it a lot, too. I will be checking out KonoSuba 2, too, though am not sure about episode reviews yet. I did enjoy the first season. c:


      • Nanaya says:

        Yeah after that interview, well more like a soft interrogation, SW got a new phone from the Land of Magic. That’s why I said SW running from home in the anime was weird.

        Well yeah, introducing aftermath of this event and the Land of Magic would make the ‘ending’ a beginning and a cliffhanger haha. Even the end of volume one don’t do that.

        Her power is always on, so she is always using her power. She was always hearing all those fears, worries and troubles of people as long as they are inside her range. Mary’s shooting spree was even worse since she could hear all of those with both type of hearing. She also saw people dying horribly in explosions, she had to pull out the living ones from the messes, she had to made sure they made it to the ambulances. etc. (Even the books only implied them.) The reason she heard Fav was quite simple really. It was because he was finally in her range. He too have those kind of thoughts after all.

        I am also not quite sure why you guys are thinking SW is going for the kill. Oh well SWRP will clear things out that wasn’t clear in the anime.

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      • Alane says:

        What a trooper Snow White is ;___;. Um, well, I’m not sure if I can speak for others but she was saying something about having bullets in her. The newsletters also showed her fighting terrorists or something like that. Maybe saying she went for the kill was going too far for an interpretation, considering SW. They might just be going to jail?


  2. remyfool says:

    Well, I don’t have much to add since Nanaya chimed in with her wisdom. But I think you did a great job summarizing the episode’s events. I do think that Snow White (in this anime ending, at least) had started killing vile scumbag criminals if their deaths are warranted. Ripple was shown scrolling through the news and we’d saw the words “murdered” and “girl in white.”

    I, too, will be looking forward to KonoSuba 2! c:

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  3. darkdaemonpk2 says:

    If there will be season 2 then it better be good. Otherwise, I’d rather end the show as it is. MGRP is a sort of a train wreck to me but still passable. And yes, I agree with everyone that this ending sure has as lot of plot holes still not answered (she can no longer transform back? Only Ripple can? If Ripple’s left arm was severed, then when she undo the transformation then she still has a left arm and eye in human form right?). As for SW, I can’t think her turning to murder just to clear out dangerous armed groups within the city. Thanks for sharing all of these dood!

    P.S. I made a review about this on my page. Feel free to read it sometime.


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    • Alane says:

      Based on Nanaya’s description and what I remember about the episode, SW had already broken her little egg device that allowed her to transform, but not Ripple at that point in time. I think remy mentioned that the left arm+ eye thing seemed like a mistake on the animators’ part and forget if there was a lot discussion on that. But yeah, that bothered me too. And I feel that without chatting with people who read the light novel after every episode I wouldn’t have gotten a bunch of the stuff in the series.

      You’re right in that it turned into sort of a Death Note deal at the end and is a little bit ironic considering she didn’t want to kill before, but I think you’re onto something.

      I’ll check your review out! I am about to get on an airplane and may be a bit late in responding. And thanks for dropping by–I really appreciate all your comments. c:


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