Familial Support in Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 6

Warning: Contains spoilers!

After an enjoyable first half, this episode of Interviews with Monster Girls was hard to watch for the usual reasons. I’ll be focusing this post on the first half.

Hikari and Himari: twins, opposites, and closer than anything


Minus instances where it feels like she’s been forced into a harem, Hikari’s always been that spark of light (pardon the pun) the series needs. She’s cheerful, energetic, and empathetic, painting her as the demi girl who has a positive attitude no matter what comes her way. Given all of that, I enjoyed the first half of this episode, which focused on the support system that Hikari has at home.


At the center of this support system is Himari, Hikari’s non-vampire twin. I don’t speak Japanese, but this site implies that all of the meanings embedded within Himari amount to “Honest Innocent Middleclass Ambitious Reserved Intelligent.” Assuming that’s correct, then, like Hikari (which apparently means “Humble Intuitive Keen Authentic Righteous Impulsive”), Himari’s name describes her to a T. Balancing out Hikari’s silliness and carefree yet irresponsible nature, Himari always brings her back down to earth. She’s the responsible daughter who studies and makes sure everything’s kept in the right place. She even wears a cross around her neck, contrasting Hikari’s vampire nature. She really is the opposite of Hikari.

As shown by the twins’ back and forth and the scene in the middle, where Himari becomes incredibly worried that she’s been insensitive to Hikari’s vampire nature when she thought she was just being negligent, Himari also really loves Hikari—and has probably always supported her, unlike her parents.

“It wasn’t always this way,” the parents reminisced

The Takanashis probably weren’t always peachy and cozy together like they seem to be now. In Episode 4, Himari fleetingly mentioned that Sensei should share his philosophy about demi girls—to embrace them as both demi and human, instead of seeing them as one or the other—with her parents, as if they had a problem with Hikari. I was pretty surprised to see that their parents seemed completely supportive of her. Her dad, for example, gave up his career because he figured Hikari needed someone to be there (although this could also a point of contention) and dyed his hair lighter so that it was closer in color to Hikari’s. Their parents are even talking to the parents of the other demis at school.




Yet small details in the scene suggest that Himari’s foreshadowing was correct. For just a moment, the episode zooms in on their mother’s eyes as she admits that she used to tell herself Hikari wasn’t that different from normal girls to make light of the situation. You also see closeups of their parents’ rings while the mom admits that she’s been troubled by Hikari’s vampireness, stressing that if the family “[faces] it together, [they] can think of it as part of what makes her unique.” By the end, though, she goes to the store with Hikari, not Himari. The parents do look like they’re trying to make things right, though they should probably try to reel their kids in while their teacher’s visiting the house.


6 thoughts on “Familial Support in Interviews with Monster Girls Episode 6

  1. Karandi says:

    The family interaction was interesting but like a lot of things in Interviews with Monster Girls it just doesn’t feel like they are going to go much further with it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  2. Remy Fool says:

    I thought it was nice to see how the family support system was by no means perfect. It’s good, of course, that they try to help Hikari out, but it’s more natural that there are (implied) bumps and troubles along the way. They’re still making an earnest effort, too. I don’t know; it often feels like families depicted in anime are either too supportive and perfect or flawed and unsympathetic. Meanwhile, Hikari’s family feels quite natural and we get to see her parents (and sister) behave like people.

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    • Alane says:

      oh, huh. I didn’t think about that, but nice point. I can’t think of any other anime families off the bat, but I do see where you’re coming from with the black-or-white sort of portrayal. This one did feel pretty natural.

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  3. edsamac says:

    To be blunt, the entire first half in the Takanashi household felt contrived. I understand the sort of dynamic they’re creating with the twins being presented as polar opposites, and I understand the reservations their mother had at the start… but I can’t help but feel that they’re giving Tetsuo far to much credit where it isn’t really due. Sadly, I’m beginning to distrust Tetsuo as a character given the ulterior motives the show has (i.e. harem setup).

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    • Alane says:

      Mmm, yea, I really wish they hadn’t tried to force a harem. I agree with what you say about Tetsuo and though I enjoyed the household scene, I started tuning out when he commented on Hikari’s hairstyle and her reaction. The rest of the episode went downhill quickly, then very quickly, soon after that.

      The preview to the next episode doesn’t look promising, either. Succubus-san is inquisitive? Sigh.

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