Interviews with Monster Girls Episodes 7 and 8 Reviews

Hello! I apologize for the delay in getting these posts out. I got busy with other writing commitments the last few weeks, and though I’m finally up to speed on everything, there will still be delays in my posts. But I will do my best to catch up to what everyone’s been up to.

Episode 7: We should’ve just gotten the mysterious bear-man



A strange boy and a strange man appear in school. They are the police detectives Kurtz, a young “weapon against succubi,” and his mentor Ugaki. As members of the Demi-human Division, Ugaki’s known Sakie since she was young, and is like a father to her. They chat and she realizes that Takahashi is actually affected by her succubus powers.

The rest of the episode features a discussion between Ugaki and Takahashi, where Ugaki explains what he does for a job. It turns out that demis, long spurned by society, used to cause trouble.

Now, society has become much less antagonistic towards them, though they run into trouble now and again. Featured amongst the demis are succubi, who may use their powers to maliciously seduce a man on a train, then pin the blame on him.

The police set in place a prevention cycle: identify which demis are malicious before they can act, hence the strange relationship between Ugaki and Sakie.


Kurtz really didn’t need to be in this episode. With so much buildup happening around him at the start, he sort of just fizzled out by the end. He was deemed a “weapon against succubus,” but it’s not explained exactly what he does. And even though he looked like he was transferring into the school, he was just tagging along with Ugaki. In fact, contrary to the picture Ugaki painted of Kurtz, Kurtz seems to like Sakie very much, even defending her to two boys who secretly took a sexy picture of her.

The highlight of this episode was the discussion in the latter half of the episode, which covered how antagonistic attitudes can affect how people behave, and also how demi-chans may sometimes play as a victim by exploiting their “different” status. Though I would have liked more of a visual aid—with, say, Kurtz or some other demi—these types of discussions are exactly what got me so excited about Demi-Chan, but unfortunately inconsistent storytelling (as in this episode) and the awkward inclusion of a harem (which, thankfully, was not present in this episode) have sorely dampened much of their impact.

Episode 8: Just more of our previous antics



After the last exam, Hikari and Yuki find out that Machi is a really great student. She scores #5 on the test. Yuki, wanting to take a break, accidentally loses her gag manga about a vampire. Her book is picked up by Sakie, and they start talking about other fictional works with demis in them and how they don’t really portray what demis really are. Snow women in fictional works, for example, do things like make snow fall and blast people with ice, when in reality snow women don’t really yield that kind of power.

Kyoko, Yuki, and Hikari start studying together. Hikari and Kyoko want to do better to receive Takahashi’s praise. Then Takahashi gets to thinking about the vampire’s desire to suck blood again, and asks Hikari if she has a favorite type of arm she likes to suck on. This spurs on a contest, where Hikari compares the arms of Yuki, Kyoko, and Takahashi to see which one is the best.

After putting two and two together again, Takahashi blurts out that Sakie would probably taste the best. Cue teasing.


Overall, this particular episode was pretty meh and feels like the day-to-day goings-on of high school girls, demi or not. They could have pursued an interesting line of discussion with the fictional works bit, but opted instead to focus on the personalities of the demis. Yuki’s lightheartedness and preference for gag manga stands out in particular, given that she seemed so depressed and isolated just a few episodes prior.

I’m also not sure why they keep bringing up Hikari’s bloodsucking and its connection to sexual desire, as this particular thread doesn’t really do much for the series. Compared to the last time the topic came up, though, in this particular episode, it felt as if Takahashi really is just a dense doofus instead of a shady sort of fellow. He’s knowledgeable about demis and about teacher relationships but not really putting two and two together when it comes to boundaries.


3 thoughts on “Interviews with Monster Girls Episodes 7 and 8 Reviews

  1. Remy Fool says:

    I also wonder why Kurtz was introduced. He is entertaining regarding the way he sucks at lying, but so little details are given about him. Will we ever learn anything about Kurtz? Will he suck up screen time, that could have gone to the other characters, like some sort of malicious sponge?

    Thankfully Takanashi continues to be an oblivious teacher, but the whole harem aspect is still not very welcome.
    I really didn’t expect Yuki to be so fond of gags and wordplay like that. Guess focusing on the demis’ personalities was the expected route this episode would take, but it does feel a bit lacking like you said.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Alane says:

      oh no, I completely missed this comment.

      :0 I guess Kurtz will just have to be a mystery, as a mystery demi killer should be.

      Takanashi is slowly regaining my trust, I think. We’ll see how ep 9 goes.

      Me neither. Shy girl finally showing her true colors!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Remy Fool says:

        Heeeeh suuure :0

        Mmm I guess so. He’s amusing st least but he felt a little unnecessary. He didn’t really /do/ anything besides helping a highschooler admit he has a crush on a succubus.

        Mmmm its a slow journey. Hopefully you enjoy episode 9!

        Mmmm and it is gooood!


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