Summaries of the Very Promising, Absolutely Fantastic Your Name Posts I Never Wrote

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Your Name. What a great movie, huh? Lauded as an emotional tour de force and quite possibly the film that propels Makoto Shinkai into the ranks of the anime masters, Your Name has broken box office records around the world with its tale of two adolescents who swap bodies. Many reviewers have disseminated how the film expresses its core message, that love surpasses time and distance.

That sounds cool and all, but I think a lot of people missed the point of Your Name. And by that, I mean SO many points. In fact, I think that everyone else misunderstood practically everything about the movie. Don’t worry! I’ve thought of many, many posts which will clarify exactly what you should take away from the film.

Post #1: A Thorough, No-Nonsense Analysis of the Boob Grabs in Your Name


This article analyzes Taki’s thoughts for every time he feels up his newly female self after a body swap. You might THINK they amount to “Boob good,” but they are actually very deep, existential musings about the duality of body and soul. I promise.

Post #2: I Should Have Given You a Nickname, Because Your Name Was So Forgettable


This piece proposes a solution to every question you have about Your Name. The two main characters spend half the time forgetting each other’s names, which in turn made me forget the rest of the movie. Pro tip: use nicknames​! How about Taki the Boob Grabber? Mitsuha, Girl with Boobs? Plot points, solved.

Post #3: How to (Literally) Survive a Long-Distance Relationship: A Guide Based on Your Name


This inspirational, super gritty guide is based on the very real scenario that we will all swap bodies with handsome Tokyo men AND be in danger of being pummeled to death like the dinosaurs at some point. The next Zombie Survival Guide, perhaps? I think so!

Post #4: I Achieved My Dream of Living in Tokyo, But All I Ended Up Doing was Take Pictures of Cake


This was meant to be a beatdown, critical analysis that definitely did not ignore all the other things going on in the film. But now that I think about it, why NOT just take pictures of cake while living the dream?

Post #5: Yet Another Reason Why Sake is the Best Drink Ever


This incredibly convincing explainer is totally not clickbait. I’m sure you think sake is pretty good, but I bet you didn’t know HOW good. How good is it? WORLD SAVINGLY GOOD!



I just watched Your Name at my local theater yesterday and thought it was fantastic. I was inspired to write something, but many people have already expressed what works (and what doesn’t) in the film incredibly well. So this happened.

If you want to read some actual, well-written analyses on Your Name in the blogging community, you should check out the following. I definitely missed a lot of posts on this movie, so if you have others in mind, feel free to link more in the comments!

your name. Review by edsamac
Thoughts on Your Name by Incumbent Thinker

10 thoughts on “Summaries of the Very Promising, Absolutely Fantastic Your Name Posts I Never Wrote

  1. weekendotaku says:

    Alane, this was amazing. Kimmie and I saw Your Name this past weekend too, and amidst all the emotions and critical (yet overwhelmingly positive) reviews of this film, your post reminds us that it was a lot of fun to watch too. Great work here 😀

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